Visual Arts

From the industrial revolution to today’s thriving start-up scene, Catalonia has long been a hotbed of innovation, science and new technologies.


Instantly recognisable

Salvador Dalí’s melting clocks are probably the most recognisable and imitated of all surrealist images. The Persistence of Memory has been interpreted as representing the collapse of our ideas of cosmic order and the persistence of time in our dream state, though in typical Dalí style, his response to a link with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was that it was inspired by a camembert melting in the sun!


A constant search for new techniques, styles and materials

Another recognisable style can be found in the sculpture of Pau Gargallo, whose experiments with new techniques for converting materials like iron, copper plate and lead into sculpture, influenced many sculptors. He is one of a prestigious line of Catalan artists to make their mark on the global art scene.

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Baroque realism in one of its maximum expressions
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Baroque realism in one of its maximum expressions

The painter Francesc Ribalta’s strong and balanced drawings portrayed an

I will never really die...

Watch this minute documentary summarising the life and work of the world’s most famous surrealist painter, Salvador Dalí.

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