Medical Science

Catalonia has long history of healthcare, life science research and innovation which has produced many major breakthroughs in human health.


At the forefront of the sector’s newest trends

Catalonia is an R&D Hub for Biopharma Companies, Medical Technology Innovation, 3D Printing for Personalized medicine, Digital Health, Increase of OTC consumer health products. 

Innovation - Research

A hot spot for business & innovation

With a pharma industry as a historical driver of the local economy life sciences activities account today, according to Biocat, for 7,1% of Catalan GDP, have an annual turnover over €15.96bn, and employ some 46,676 people in over 871 companies. Despite being among the 5 smallest countries, Catalonia stands in the top 5 in numbers of companies in all sectors

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Commitment brings breakthroughs in Cancer research and treatment
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Commitment brings breakthroughs in Cancer research and treatment

It takes dedication and hard work to yield results that benefit humanity - qualities embedded in Catalan culture...

The Barcelona International Youth Challenge

The Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC) is a two-week international excellence program that aims to stimulate scientific talent among young students from all over the world. It is meant to encourage their enthusiasm for pursuing scientific research and careers in science.

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