Modernist paradise

Architectural Creation Inspired by Nature

One cannot think about Barcelona without the unique architecture of Antoni Gaudí coming to mind. His creations, like the forest represented in the vast and technically astounding Basilica of the Sagrada Familia (left), can be found throughout the city, forming, with other fine contemporary works, a unique modernist paradise.

Contemporary design

Smart buildings, social housing and urban planning

Catalan architecture has long been characterised by innovation, creativity, practicality and social and environmental consciousness. From the richest Romanesque heritage in the world, through the revolutionary Eixample district of Barcelona, to the hi-tech W Barcelona Hotel (right), Catalonia has an impressive architectural pedigree.


Pritzker Prize-winning trio create a “culinary amusement park”
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Pritzker Prize-winning trio create a “culinary amusement park”

Chef Albert Adrià is a pioneer in the field of molecular gastronomy, an unconventional culinary style that blends traditional cooking

Architecture in constant evolution
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Architecture in constant evolution

From the industrial revolution to today’s thriving start-up scene, Catalonia has long been a hotbed of innovation, science and new technologies. Nowhere

The Catalan Vault in New York

Many emblematic buildings in New York, such as the Grand Central Station and the Manhattan Municipal Building (below) were built using the Catalan Vault, a 14th Century technique adopted by architect Rafael Guastavino. Born in Valencia, Guastavino moved to Barcelona to study and later moved to New York with his son.

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