About us

An initiative of the Occitano-Catalan Foundation, Pagès Editors and international residents in Catalonia working with Catalans from around the world.

who We are

Catalans and non-Catalans passionate about wonderful Catalonia. Run from Barcelona and Lleida, in collaboration with Catalans living around the world.

our mission

To tell the world about the rich and diverse culture and history of Catalonia and the contribution the country has made to humanity.

What we do

Write and share information in a non-political, culturally-focussed and inclusive way, to help you learn more about this warm and open country. 

Throughout history, Catalonia has lived through all kinds of events. Our past, from the arrival of Greek civilization in Roses and Empúries, via the events of 1714 or the Renaixença, to the Civil War from 1936 to 1939, has been a succession of glorious acts, of conquering kings and of wars lost, of power and decline, of hard times and of prosperity.
In all these events, the Catalan people, their ideals and their institutions have been able to adapt, to learn from the past to face the future, the challenges of what is to come. The institution that I have the honor of presiding is the living example of this legacy that extends over the centuries.
Carles Puigdemont
Former President
Generalitat de Catalunya (regional autonomous government)
From the foreword to our free ebook "Catalonia: understanding its history, present and desires for the future". Get your copy here!

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